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Oh the 2000’s. A time when stripey highlights, Von Dutch hats and velour tracksuits with writing on the back were the absolute must haves while singing along to your fave Christina Milian track. With all the noughties nostalgia we’re feelin’ today, it’s only right to share our top 10 00’s celebrity fashion moments that still make us scream today (for better or worse)!

(Disclaimer: Not ranked in order, they’re all pretty amazing in their own way.)

10.  Destiny’s Child Always in Matching Outfits

Always matching, always making us want to start our own girl gang.


9. P!nk, in… THIS outfit?!

There’s a lot to take in with this outfit, we’re just not sure where to start.


8. Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie in The Simple Life

The Simple Life pair embodied 00’s culture and their fashion choices in each episode didn’t disappoint either! (SPOT that Chanel canvas belt!)


7. Lady Marmalade

THIS iconic 2001 collab and the outfits that came with it!


6. Avril Lavigne Making Tie’s a Legit Must-Have Accessory

The moment she stepped out in a tie and baggy camo trousers looking like a total badass, our lives changed forever.

2002 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

5. XTINA Style

Let’s be honest, Stripped is a banger of an album and even through the many questionable outfits, Xtina completely SLAYED the noughties.


4. Baggy Flares Were The Coolest

And if they were camo, you reached ultimate PEAK coolness.


3. Sneaker Heels Actually Happened

Essentially a runner with a heel, this was actually a fashionable thing that so many of our fave celebs wore at least once. WHY.


2. Celebs in Velour Tracksuits

A truly iconic (and puzzling) moment in fashion.


1. This Double Denim Moment

Ok, I know we said there’s no order here, but this just beats them all. Brit, JT and their iconic 2001 denim moment.


So there you have it. The list really does go on and on but that’s enough velour & denim for one day!

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