Forget the sappy romance flicks this year, get out the popcorn and celebrate Galentines Day with your truest of loves; your BFFS! Here are some of our all time fave gal power friendship films!

1. Bridesmaids

giphy (2)

They have their ups and downs as a group, but every step of the way is HILARIOUS.

2. Mean Girls

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Sometimes you just gotta stick to what you know and recite every quote together.

3. Legally Blonde

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Elle Woods proves to us that anything is possible with hardwork and a bit of optimism! (and that pink scented paper is ALWAYS the right choice)

4. Clueless

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An absolute MUST watch for Galentines Day (or any day tbh) if even just for the outfit goals!

5. Miss Congeniality 

giphy (6)

Sandra Bullock plays an FBI agent posing undercover as a Miss United States pageant contestant, it really is as unreal as it sounds.

6. The Heat

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Another Sandra Bullock gem that proves sometimes the best of friends are complete polar opposites, guaranteed to have you crying with laughter only.

7. John Tucker Must Die

giphy (8)

Hell hath no fury like a group of gals scorned by the same lad.

8. Pitch Perfect

giphy (9)

A group of gals doing what they love, kicking ass and bonding through acapella. Perf for entertaining, uplifting Galentines Day feels.

9. 13 Going On 30

giphy (14)

Because, it NEVER gets old!! Appropriate viewing for any occasion really.

10. Spice World

source (3)

Couldn’t resist this one to be fair, GIRL POWER!!!

There’s just some of our top choices. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but at least you’ll be doing it together! Happy Gal Day!

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