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10 00’s Fashion Moments We’re Still Not Over

giphy (8)

Oh the 2000’s. A time when stripey highlights, Von Dutch hats and velour tracksuits with writing on the back were the absolute must haves while singing along to your fave Christina Milian track. With all the noughties nostalgia we’re feelin’ today, it’s only right to share our top 10 00’s celebrity fashion moments that still make us scream today (for better or worse)!

(Disclaimer: Not ranked in order, they’re all pretty amazing in their own way.)

10.  Destiny’s Child Always in Matching Outfits

Always matching, always making us want to start our own girl gang.


9. P!nk, in… THIS outfit?!

There’s a lot to take in with this outfit, we’re just not sure where to start.


8. Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie in The Simple Life

The Simple Life pair embodied 00’s culture and their fashion choices in each episode didn’t disappoint either! (SPOT that Chanel canvas belt!)


7. Lady Marmalade

THIS iconic 2001 collab and the outfits that came with it!


6. Avril Lavigne Making Tie’s a Legit Must-Have Accessory

The moment she stepped out in a tie and baggy camo trousers looking like a total badass, our lives changed forever.

2002 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

5. XTINA Style

Let’s be honest, Stripped is a banger of an album and even through the many questionable outfits, Xtina completely SLAYED the noughties.


4. Baggy Flares Were The Coolest

And if they were camo, you reached ultimate PEAK coolness.


3. Sneaker Heels Actually Happened

Essentially a runner with a heel, this was actually a fashionable thing that so many of our fave celebs wore at least once. WHY.


2. Celebs in Velour Tracksuits

A truly iconic (and puzzling) moment in fashion.


1. This Double Denim Moment

Ok, I know we said there’s no order here, but this just beats them all. Brit, JT and their iconic 2001 denim moment.


So there you have it. The list really does go on and on but that’s enough velour & denim for one day!

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00’s Playlist!

giphy (9)

If it wasn’t obvious from our last blog post, we’re having a little bit of a Noughties Nostalgia week. These are the tunes we’re jammin’ to in the office this week!

 Mary J. Blige – Family Affair

Eve Ft. Gwen Stefani – Blow Ya Mind

Cassie – Me & U

Jennifer Lopez – Get Right

Timbaland Ft. Keri Hilson, D.O.E & Sebastian – The Way I Are

Christina Aguilera – Can’t Hold Us Down

The Pussycat Dolls – Buttons

Usher Ft. Lil’ Jon Ludacris – Yeah!

Destiny’s Child Ft. Lil’ Wayne, T.I – Soldier

Amerie – 1 Thing

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5 Reasons Kelly Kapowski’s Style is Still On Point


Let’s be honest, we idolised Kelly in Saved by the Bell when we were younger and we’re still taking fashion inspo from her now. From floral dresses to crop tops she SLAYED the Bayside High hallways. Here’s our top 5 reasons why her style still rules!

5. Her High Waist Collection is What Dreams are Made of

We all own that one pair of high waist shorts that make us feel our FIERCEST once we put them on – Kelly did too. She seemed to have an unlimited supply of gorge high waist shorts & skirts and we still WANT.IT.ALL

d1d7ebbca60274320652307e557a91b5 a34582792513f1ab6e1cb135f27dc8ff1

 4. She Knew How to Rock a Good Belt

Her accessory game was v strong, often completing her amaze outfits with a cute belt for maximum standout style. Belts are still huge now and Kel has supplied us with so many different ways to style our fave combos!

d1d7ebbca60274320652307e557a91b5 (1)tumblr_inline_npaqv0artz1s6t8j5_1280

3. Workin’ the Off Shoulder Trend Since 1989

Off the Shoulder style tops & dresses were a HUGE  trend of 2016 and it looks like they’re going to be just as popular in 2017! Kel also loved the style, wearing countless but all equally fab off shoulder tops in Saved by the Bell. way ahead of the fashion times for sure!




2. A Denim Icon, tbh

If there’s one thing we know Kelly loved, it’s denim. From denim dresses to that ICONIC pink denim jacket, Kelly was rarely seen without at least one denim piece featuring in her #OOTD. The denim trend is EVERYWHERE today and gets more popular each year, Kel def had a part to play in this and we thank her for it!


saved by the bell 124


1. The Original Crop Top Queen

If there’s one fashion trend Kelly is known for, its absolutely crop tops. Worn pretty much on a daily basis in Bayside High, crop tops became Kel’s signature look and we loved seeing how she styled them in every SBTB episode. Crop tops made a BIG comeback a few years ago and have stuck around ever since, definitely one of our fave trends of all time!

giphy (6)



So there you have it, we could go on and on but there’s some of our fave Kel looks to take style inspo from this week!

giphy (7)

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5 Trends Here To Stay in 2017

It’s that fresh time of year again where we take to our wardrobe to prep for the seasons ahead and see what the emerging hottest trends of the year will be. 2016 was an exciting time for fashion trends and revivals and we’ve decided that some are too cute to let go of just yet. We rounded up our Top 5 trends that are going nowhere in 2017 below!


1. Velvet

The velvet trend really took off with a bang in 2016, seen on pretty much everything from velvet boots, bags and slip dresses (also a HUGE trend in itself). It seems everyone took to the trend immediately, from our fave celebs and fashion bloggers as well as saturating the high street fashion scene. We personally LOVE velvet and can’t wait to get more wear out of our much loved velvet dresses!



2. Cold Shoulder

What was a huge summer trend quickly became winter appropriate, seen now on cosy chunky knits and oversized dresses. We’re still seeing this off-the-shoulder style all over the fashion scene from high end to high street and predict its here to stay for a while longer!

dresses-vennesa-look-2-3 dresses-alex-loook-3-2


3. Embroidery

The embroidery trend made a fierce comeback in 2016  stitching its way onto everything, with it’s most popular revival on leather jackets and DIY style denim. We absolutely LOVE this cute trend that funked up our fave basics. Wear it subtly or to standout, we predict it’s going to take us into 2017 in style!

 Dresses Vennesa Look 6 - 2  Dresses Alex Loook 24 - 3 Dresses Vennesa Look 1 - 3 Dresses Vennesa Look 5 - 2

blush14. Blush

The pink trend was literally everywhere last year, slayin’ the high end and high street fashion scene. The gorge blush pink shade in particular became a trend in itself, making its way onto dresses, bags and jackets and adding a cute feminine touch to any outfit. We definitely have way too many blush clothes in our wardrobe than we’d like to admit, but luckily they’re still trendy in 2017, woohoo!

Dresses Cassia Look 2 - 1 Dresses Vennesa Look 4 - 2 Dresses Cassia Look 1 - 2Dresses Cassia Look 1 - 2 Dresses Alex Loook 4 - 3


5. Floral

Think floral patterns are just for spring? Think again! We’ve seen so many fashion bloggers step out in their winter floral ensembles already this month and we are OBSESSED. Dress it up or down, florals are here to stay for winter 2017!

                             Dresses Alex Loook 34 - 2   Dresses hannah look 6 - 2 (1)   Dresses hannah look 8 - 3

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The Dress Down : This Week’s Celeb Countdown

5.You wanna pizza me?
Kendall and Kylie were ALL OF US at the Golden Globes after party and chowed down on pizza in seriously glam style!

afterpartyglobe0901m gallery-1483950479-gettyimages-6312852724. After Hours :
Speaking of Golden Globe After Parties… We were LOVING the looks way more than the main event. After parties always bring the fun, while still being mega glam.

after party 1 after party 2
3. Shots were FIRED!
Uh oh… seems like all is not good in Squad Land… Selena Gomez has been seen kissing The Weekend, resulting in his former flame Bella Hadid unfollowing her on instagram. Yowza!
Following the insta-break up, Selena Posted this V CHEEKY snap..

Throwback to the time Bella was all of us in our running into our ex fantasy…
3C0DD31F00000578-4111588-His_ex_The_Canadian_R_B_star_dated_model_Bella_for_two_years_bef-a-10_14841927557682. Fringe Benefits:
So Kylie has made our list again. This time it’s with her V fringe cut out dress. What do you guys think? A killer look or a one fringe too far?
3C098D7A00000578-4108104-image-m-57_1484110755965 3C098D9800000578-4108104-image-m-60_1484110829457

1. Michelle Keegan’s Goes Nude! 
And by Nude we mean.. Make Up Free! Excuse me while I go cry into my makeup collection about how good she looks with her non brushed hair and  fresh faced look.

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This week’s celeb countdown…

It’s the New Year which can only mean one thing in celeb land… ENDLESS bikini beach pics! Seriously, how long has Louise Thompson been on holiday for? It seems like a lifetime!
3bd58dd100000578-0-image-a-6_1483566578805 3bdf821e00000578-4091790-rock_on_ashley_graham_took_to_instagram_to_share_a_series_of_sex-m-35_1483634733279 3bdfc97d00000578-4092750-image-m-52_1483660124382 3be03ecc00000578-4092750-lovely_lady_jenner_wore_her_raven_black_hair_down_and_wore_some_-a-52_1483652809938RETURN OF SPEIDI:
CBB is BACK and so are  one of the most ridiculous couples of all time – Speidi! Love ’em or Loathe ’em they sure are entertaining to watch!

Speaking of returning to the scene… our Instagram feed was finally set alight again with the return on Kimmy from her 3 month social media hiatus. So far she has shared adorable family pics, a video made by Kanye ( cry ? us? never!) and the most shocking of all revelations- her first selfie of 2017 happened a whole FIVE days in!
kim-kardashian#WELCOMEBACKED :
It’s the week of bouncing back me thinks! Another comeback kid , was Ed Sheeran and his surprise drop of not one but two songs.  Twitter exploded with joy ( OBVZ ) and the memes have been incred.
Poor Mariah! Her disastrous NYE performance has been well documented this week but we just LOVE her don’t care ‘tude. This week she’s been spotted running errands in a GOWN and living it up in a hot tub in Aspen making her our hero of the week!


Kenny’s cover, Girls rock Glamour.. this week’s magazine round up..


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Top 5 Reasons Rachel Green is our Forever Style Crush


5. Her love of layering : 
Even now , in 2017, a basic tee is the quickest way to add a chic layer to a slip dress or cami top. Rachel Green was Queen of this look back in the day  – and we love recreating her sleek layered looks.

4. Her denim obsesh : Rachel LOVED a denim overall – and so do we! This trend is going to be huge in 2017 so keep an eye out for some seriously fab button down denim looks!
denim3. Her Work Wardrobe: Rachel’s post coffee shop career was the start of her wearing sleek silhouettes , tailored fits and gorgeously chic tones.

2. Her Love of Plaid: From schoolgirl skirts, to oversized PJS we were always crushing on Rachel’s plaid looks…


! . And of COURSE – Her always amazing hair! Whatever the style, from season 1’s shaggy chop to the infamous ‘Rachel’ cut – every look was on fleek.

Other style highlights include… 
Rachel’s wedding outfits. From her own failed marriage, to the time she was a Bo Peep bridesmaid.. we were OBSESSED with Rachel’s many wedding looks..

giphy-6Queen Rachel, we LOVE you !

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Top 5 Trends of 2016

2016 was a great year for fashion with some real standout trends saturating the high end & high street fashion scene. We’ve listed our top 5 fave trends of 2016 below!


1. Velvet

 Possibly the biggest standout influence in fashion this year was the 90s throwback that quickly infiltrated its way through every high end and high street shop! With this fab revival came the world wide obsession (including us obvs) with velvet on everything possible! All our fave celebs rocked the velvet dress, top or choker and we couldn’t get enough of it.


2. Chokers

Defo one of our fave trends this year, the choker was literally EVERYWHERE in all shapes and sizes. All the celebs were photographed in chokers this year, often layering them with other necklaces and servings us major accessory inspo. Thankfully this cute trend shows no signs of going out of style anytime soon!


3. Band Tees

Within the 90s revival we also saw a major grunge influence coming through! Band tee’s became HUGE and were styled so many unique &  fab ways to suit every style. We personally loved the grunge vibe going on this year and dressed up or down, a band tee is guaranteed to add statement edge to any outfit!


4. Satin/Silk

No one can deny that the biggest trend we saw this year was the satin/silk trend. Seen mostly in the form of satin slip dresses and those cute strappy cami tops we all LOVED, every celebrity rocked the trend and we saw silk feature in so many runway collections. We predict the trend  will stick around and hopefully join us into 2017!


5. Off Shoulder Crop Top

Crop tops were everywhere this year, even the particularly daring style queens wore them in winter with a cosy jacket layered over! Our style crush Kendall Jenner was seen rocking the off shoulder cropped trend all year round, particularly in the super flattering Bardot style seen above!

So there you have it ladies, our fave fierce trends this year! What were yours?


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