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Vaycay Essentials

DressesAnnBanner7Got a summer hol coming up? Shop our vaycay essentials and get hot weather ready!

bangin’ bodysuit

DRESSES - ALEX - JUNE - LOOK 18 - 2tropical print is one of the hottest trends of the summer and this multiway bodysuit ticks all the boxes! wear it however you like and slay the poolside look.

play it cool

Dresses Ann - look 12 - 2comfort is key on hot summer days and this floral red playsuit is gonna keep you cool all day long.

bodycon babe

DRESSES - ALEX - JUNE - LOOK 9 - 2you can’t go wrong with a gorge figure hugging bodycon – so easy to style up and perf for those sizzlin’ summer nights.

barely there heels

CUT OUT 9getting dressed up for a hot night out? barely there heels are the ultimate breezy glam go-to.

poolside prints

DRESSES - ALEX - JUNE - LOOK 10 - 4Statement prints are huge RN and the no fuss way to stay stylish and cool in hot weather.

breezy floral

Dresses Ann - look 7 - 3a cute summery top is the no.1 vaycay staple. This red floral bardot top is bang on trend rn – pair with your fave denim shorts for the ultimate breezy summer look!

day dress

DRESSES - ALEX - JUNE - LOOK 21 - 2when its hot AF but you wanna look super stylish – we’re still obsessed with gingham (not sorry) and this yellow number is the perf summer update on the trend!

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#TBT 90s Girlband Goals

They just don’t make ’em like 90s/noughties girl bands anymore. The sassy songs, the choreography, the matching outfits, all can never be replicated only remembered fondly for the fierceness. We’re rounding up some of our fave 90s/noughties girl bands below, how many do you remember?!

all saints



destinys child

atomic kitten

spice girls


en vogue




salt ‘n peppa

this playlist has been on repeat in the office all day, hope you enjoy it! x

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Why Your Gal Pals Are Your Soulmates

Fellas are well and good but theres no bond like the one you have with your BFFS!

1. You can communicate with just a single look

No words needed, nods and and glances say all.

2. A guaranteed like on every photo and status


They may be slow to see it on occasion, but a quick message in the Whatsapp group means they’re immediately on to like your latest gorge selfie!

3. Sharing food


You can communicate solely with a look that both of you know means ‘Takeaway?’

4. Sharing clothes

giphy (2)

You nearly always show up at a party wearing an identical outfit, unsure what dress belongs to who at this stage!

5. Screenshot evidence


You can always rely on one of your BFFS to have those gas screenshots at the ready!

6. Brutal honesty


Got something in your teeth or a dodgy wing liner situation? You gals are gonna be v honest out of love and let you know straight away!

7. You can be 100% yourself around them

giphy (3)

Rant away, cry, laugh – it’s a judgement free zone 4EV

8. You can’t imagine life without them

giphy (1)

You may argue the odd time but no matter what you have eachothers backs til the end!