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A catch-up with Miss Universe Ireland Cailín Toibín!

Since being crowed Miss Universe Ireland in September, Cailín Toibín has been truly unstoppable and we’re cheering this inspirational gal on every step of the way! We caught up with the beauty before she leaves to compete for the title of Miss Universe 2017 in Las Vegas where she told us all about her amazing journey so far, how it felt to be crowned Miss Universe Ireland & the exciting things to come:

Photo by Vanessa Bartlett

My journey to the stage for Miss Universe was one I questioned, did I want to do it out of pure nervousness and self doubt. I have over come so much in my life from being  bullied as a small child but most of all my social anxiety as a teenager which inevitably made me question who I am.
After numerous conversations and uplifting support from family members and friends I made the decision to do something that would both scare me beyond anything I had ever done in my life yet make me feel beyond confident in my own skin and believe I can achieve whatever I want if I truly put my mind to it.

Rehearsal day came and it was the day I got to meet so many confidently beautiful women, who not only empowered themselves but empowered me with their stories of self belief, selfless acts of kindness to charity work and above all their self worth. Some may say it’s a characteristic of a huge ego but to me it showed how much they truly believed in what they stood for even if it made them uncomfortably nervous to talk about it they still stood proud of their platform and who they were as an individual.
On the same day we had the daunting task of interviews and as silly as It may sound I wasn’t nervous at all. I had set my mind to think “any job you have ever gone for you have gotten the job – so just breathe and talk about what you know” and that I did, it is such a blur what I was asked and what I answered but I felt good and apparently that’s all the signs of a good interview right? Or is that just me? lol

That night instead of rustling though papers I had things written on and aimlessly searching the internet I sat with my mom and just had us time. If I hadn’t prepared enough in the build up weeks then there’s was nothing at all I could cram in the next 24hrs so to save myself having a complete melt down we sat and had a chat about life and all things to expect in the competition.

On the day and night of the competition it was so nice to have 30 women supporting one another regardless if they made the top 10/5, each woman that day was there as a support to one another giving advice and showing genuine comradery between all. It really struck a note with me as here in Ireland people seem to be under the impression that isn’t the case. I can happily say I now have a group of friends from all different walks of life that I can message to purely just see how they are all getting on it’s heartwarming to say the least.

I guess what you all really want to know is how it felt to be named one of the most prestigious titles here in Ireland “Miss Universe Ireland”, to say the least it is AMAZING! So many people have said when they called your title and you were so composed but I guess that’s just who I am and how I react (I know no drama, sorry! lol). It is an honour to represent an amazing group of women who I competed against but to also represent my country and I am beyond grateful of the opportunity to represent such a patriotic country that is full of culture, pride and beauty in the up and coming Miss Universe 2017 in Las Vegas (HOW AMAZING).

Since being crowned I’ve had a whirlwind adventure traveling around Ireland to capture the heritage that is around in every county. Being an Irish citizen and resident I can safely say I have always wanted to see the wonders of the country but have never gotten around to it like most people here and it’s a shame because we live in such a diverse country where you can see so many beautiful and historic parts of what makes us Irish from the Cliff of Moher (which is breathtaking) to the Giants Causeway the natural wonders that are created by nature. I have been taken to Canada by my footwear sponsor(Shoes by Chavez), taken part in beauty events with my makeup sponsor (Makeup Forever).

I have also had the privilege of meeting a charity that does extensive work here in Ireland for people suffering with mental health and attempted Suicide ‘Pieta House’ it was very gratifying to know the ins and outs of how they keep on ticking and while in reign this year I hope to help them push their beliefs and goals to creating a world of “hope, self care and acceptance”. We live in a world where we lack hope for a brighter tomorrow and in doing so we forget to have self care and look after ourselves which may seem quite selfish. As humans we have only one body and one life we need to look after ourselves to live a live full of life and lastly acceptance. Acceptance of what is and what is to come we cannot change the past nor can we change the present situation we are in therefore we must look forward to the future and make tweaks to what will be and accept what is to come whether it be with help from friends family or a specialist or simply off our own merit. I want people to look forward to a bigger and brighter future regardless of your situation it what you make of it and embrace every moment that is to come with it.

Last but not least I want to thank everyone who has come along with me on my journey I promise there is so much more to come this year and I hope to do our country proud and hopefully become the first Miss Universe from Ireland!
Thank you Dresses.ie for giving me this platform to share my story and thank you for your continued support along the way I am forever grateful of what you are doing to help me share my story.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh as ocht bhfuair taim táim fíor bhuíoch gur thug tú an am chun an slíocht a leamh

Le Grá
Cailín Áine Ní Toibín
Miss Universe Ireland 2017