Let’s be honest, we idolised Kelly in Saved by the Bell when we were younger and we’re still taking fashion inspo from her now. From floral dresses to crop tops she SLAYED the Bayside High hallways. Here’s our top 5 reasons why her style still rules!

5. Her High Waist Collection is What Dreams are Made of

We all own that one pair of high waist shorts that make us feel our FIERCEST once we put them on – Kelly did too. She seemed to have an unlimited supply of gorge high waist shorts & skirts and we still WANT.IT.ALL

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 4. She Knew How to Rock a Good Belt

Her accessory game was v strong, often completing her amaze outfits with a cute belt for maximum standout style. Belts are still huge now and Kel has supplied us with so many different ways to style our fave combos!

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3. Workin’ the Off Shoulder Trend Since 1989

Off the Shoulder style tops & dresses were a HUGE  trend of 2016 and it looks like they’re going to be just as popular in 2017! Kel also loved the style, wearing countless but all equally fab off shoulder tops in Saved by the Bell. way ahead of the fashion times for sure!




2. A Denim Icon, tbh

If there’s one thing we know Kelly loved, it’s denim. From denim dresses to that ICONIC pink denim jacket, Kelly was rarely seen without at least one denim piece featuring in her #OOTD. The denim trend is EVERYWHERE today and gets more popular each year, Kel def had a part to play in this and we thank her for it!


saved by the bell 124


1. The Original Crop Top Queen

If there’s one fashion trend Kelly is known for, its absolutely crop tops. Worn pretty much on a daily basis in Bayside High, crop tops became Kel’s signature look and we loved seeing how she styled them in every SBTB episode. Crop tops made a BIG comeback a few years ago and have stuck around ever since, definitely one of our fave trends of all time!

giphy (6)



So there you have it, we could go on and on but there’s some of our fave Kel looks to take style inspo from this week!

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