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8 stages of being a festigal

Festival season is HERE! Mud & temperamental Irish weather aside, festivals are the best time of year to spend a weekend in a field with your best friends dancing to your fave bands & slaying in AMAZE outfits. We’ve listed 8 stages of being at a festival that every festigal can relate to!
The outfits – Putting together the most extra af looks because if you can’t do it at a festival when can you in fairness? It’s the perfect occasion to wear what you want, how you want it. Slay gals!

Tent struggles – The struggle is REAL trying to put up that old tent your mate pulled out of her family shed but the gas times you’ll have setting it up is so worth it.

Getting the gram – It’s the selfie moment you’ve been preppin’ for and your girls know your fave angles by now. All the glitter & flower crowns at the ready – time to nail that #ootd shot gals!
Main act footage – Snapchat or it didn’t happen.

Rationing supplies – The dry shampoo has already run out and its only day 2?!

Tactical day naps – CRUCIAL. Every festigal knows its the only way to stay awake for the main act later!

 Loosing & finding each other near food – Chips are life and the perf meeting spot to locate your crew.

Falling asleep on each other on the journey home – The bus home is rowdy af, you’re beyond exhausted and a hot shower has become an absolute necessity, but you had the best weekend ever & are so ready to do it all over again next year with your bffs!


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5 reasons why Easter is low-key the best holiday…

Christmas may be the reigning queen of holidays, but we think Easter is a strong contender for the crown. Check out our 5 reasons why below…

5. The Easter Bunny 
Who doesn’t love an adorable bunny?
Sorry Santa, but this holiday mascot wins on cute points!

4. Netflix & SNOOZE
The 4 day weekend means we get to catch up on all our fave shows in between naps. Absolute bliss.

3. Gettin’ lit with the galz. 
Another perk of all this free time – the bank hol sesh with the gals! What better way to burn off all your chocolate calories than hitting the dancefloor with your fave squad.

Replacing scrambled eggs with chocolate ones is a perk entirely reserved for this holiday!  Sure , it’s not completely healthy to eat your body weight in chocolate, but who cares!? It’s one day a year. Now, pass me that Easter egg…

1. Spring has finally SPRUNG! 
Sorry Winter, you’re offish OVER. It’s time to embrace all of those sweet Spring / Summer vibes. It’s also means it’s time to start getting excited for all our Holidays coming up…which can only mean one thing… SHOPPING!

Shopping comes a close third in our fave activity list, right after #1 Sleeping & #2 Eating – so if you’re like us & can’t wait to get your Spring wardrobe lookin’ fleeky AF –  check out our new in & treat yo’self to 25% OFF everything with code : chocolate!

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Dresses.ie SS18 Event Pics! #SS18DRESSES

#SS18DRESSES / The Chocolate Factory / March 14th

Last Wednesday we headed to The Chocolate Factory to showcase our SS18 collection – a mix of  sports luxe, 90s vibes & hella coachella inspired looks to get your summer wardrobe lookin’ fresh AF!  In the morning we celebrated the launch with stylists, press & fashion bloggers, showcasing the looks on the runway. We loved your social media tags & coverage from the event, capturing our featured key trends from high shine to flirty floral prints!

Outfit. on. point! Can you spot yourself below?

Our gorge models for the day slayin’ it in Dresses.ie SS18 

Dresses.ie x Stellar Magazine Readers Event #stellardresses

The party continued into the evening where we teamed up with Stellar Magazine for an exclusive Readers Event. Joined by bPerfect Cosmetics, Inglot Ireland & Tropical Popical, our 150 guests enjoyed a night of fashion shows, beauty demos, nail painting & fab spot prizes! We had a ball showcasing the new collection & hope all that attended had a fab time! x