Celeb Dramz of the Year


While we can’t believe 2016 is nearly over (emmm where did November & December even go?!), we’re even more shocked by all the goss and scandal that unfolded over the last 12 months! When it comes to celeb drama, we have to admit that we love to watch it unfold. So enjoy our round-up of some of the biggest Celeb Dramaz of 2016 below!


1. Kim & Kanye vs. Taylor Swift

We all watched the drama unfold, none of us could look away! Probably the most memorable celeb feud of 2016 is that of Kanye West & Kim K vs. Taylor Swift. Things started to escalate when Kim K threw major shade and took to Snapchat to upload footage of Taylor Swift giving Kanye permission over the phone to use a line featuring her name in a song. The situation blew up quickly as just a short while before Kim posted the footage, Tay had publicly stated she never gave Kanye permission to use her name. This feud caused major drama and fans ate it up, dividing themselves into Team Tay or K. With all the shady tweets and comments that followed from both sides, we’re still eagerly awaiting what’s to come. What team are you on?!


2. Becky With The Good Hair?

Queen Bey’s drop of her AMAZE visual album ‘Lemonade’ this year left us speechless, but also with SO many questions! A clear running theme throughout the album was infidelity, with Bey insinuating she was dealing with personal relationship problems. One song in particular left fans filled with curiosity, dying to know just exactly who this ‘Becky with the good hair’ gal is and if she rocked Bey and Jay’s relationship, but the secret was never revealed. Drama aside, Lemonade SLAYED.


 3. Calvin Harris vs. Taylor Swift

Taylor makes a second appearance in our 2016 round-up, this time for her split with boyfriend Calvin Harris and the drama that unfolded shortly after! At first the split ended seemingly on good terms, with Calvin sweetly tweeting about their continued love & respect for each other. Sounds mature, right? Shortly after this, the situation blew up for poor Tay again. It was only when she was seen with new love interest Tom Hiddelston that their amicable relationship turned sour. Calvin took to Twitter to delete his sweet break-up tweet, blocked Taylor on all social media and THEN ranted about her through harsh tweets, even referencing her feud with Katy Perry. The two have since wiped their social media clean of any trace of their relationship. Ouch!!



4. Blac Chyna & The Kardashians

There’s clearly never a dull moment in the Kardash household and the arrival of Blac Chyna as Rob Kardashian’s new girlfriend was no different! It was weird from the get-go, with Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Tyga being the father of Blac Chyna’s child, King Cairo. (Em, awkward?) From there the drama spiraled between Rob and Chyna’s on/off again relationship and clashes with the rest of the Kardashians. Amidst the drama, the couple got engaged, seemingly made peace with Rob’s family and Chyna became pregnant, welcoming their child Dream to the world in November! The drama didn’t stop here, ofcourse. Chyna recently took Dream (and the nursery furniture…), leaving Rob suddenly without explanation, where he then took to Instagram to express his confusion and sadness over it all. The pair have reportedly gotten back together, perhaps a little too conveniently, just before their reality TV show Rob and Chyna airs. We just don’t know where they get the energy for it all?!


5. Kim Kardashian Robbery

TBH, we’re still a bit shocked at this one! In early October while attending Paris Fashion Week, Kim was held at gunpoint and robbed in her hotel room. While Kim was luckily left physically unharmed, this terrifying event involved two masked men dressed as police officers who proceeded to enter her hotel room and raid Kim’s jewellery box while she was tied up and gagged, stealing a gross of $10 million, including Kim’s wedding ring. The robbery understandably left Kim terrified and afraid, choosing to lay low in the weeks that followed. Our heat goes out to Kim and her family!

So all in all, a v dramatic year… Who knows if 2017 can top it?!


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