Thanks to everyone who came along and tweeted, instagrammed, blogged and snapped last week’s’#DressesXmas15 showcase!  We had an absolute blast on the day and can’t believe that you guys got us trending on twitter – how cool?! Here at Dresses HQ we are only managing to get around to writing this blog about the event due to the sheer volume of orders, press inquiries, re grams, re tweets and blogger mails we have been getting ! Wow – such an incredible week we are so grateful to all of our customers, new and old, for their support of the new look and the new collection!

We will leave you in the capable hands of the guys at Yellow Machine to talk you through the event…

“The showcase took place in Ireland’s hottest new venue, The Meeting House. Guests were treated to a buffet of exotic fruit salad and fresh scones with clotted cream and a selection of jams and sipped freshly made bespoke juices while perusing pieces from the capsule collection. Guests were then invited to enjoy ‘dinner with a show’ and ate a selection of delicious tasting places including poached eggs with a salmon, vegetarian or bacon option.


They then enjoyed a show styled by Holly White, Kevin Heavin of TONI&GUY and leading MUA Tara Farrell. Xpose also dropped by to film all the action! An amazing morning was enjoyed by all. Oh yeah….and #DressesXmas15 was one of the top trends on Twitter all morning…just saying.
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The Christmas collection showcases a deep appreciation for design, quality and attention to detail. Each unique piece offers a twist on the classic Christmas dress, and can be adapted to the personal style of the woman who wears them.
Strong themes that carry through the collection include colour-blocking, with bold primary colours and strong embellishments such as intricate beading, punctuated by delicately sexy lace work and tough-chic leather pieces.

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The collection also reflects the #SweetSexyCool ethos, the belief that a woman’s wardrobe should embrace all sides of her personality and be as dynamic as she is. We had five beautiful models, Teo, Thalia, January, Devon and Abby who looked amazing in their Dresses.ieoutfits, chosen to specifically match their own unique style.

The Christmas capsule collection caters for evening and occasion wear, with prices from €40 to €150.

As a re-emerging force in fashion, has also unveiled a new-look website, offering magazine style content and inspiring fashion shoots alongside Irish and international clothing collections. While “seasonal must-have” pieces will now be updated as regularly as every two weeks.

Shoppers will also enjoy next-day, free-of-charge delivery on all orders in Ireland and the UK, sent in newly branded and more sophisticated packaging. So what are you waiting for? Get on to and buy yourself a Christmas dress (or two…or three) to match your style.”

Stay tuned for social shots to follow! x

Big thank you to
The Meeting House
Teo, Thalia, January, Devon and Abby
Tara Farrell
Holly White,
Kevin Heavin of TONI&GUY
The Team @ Yellow Machine PR
Shane O’Connor – Photos

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