Like an EMO Posh & Becks ,  our lives were complete when ~rock chick ~ Ashlee married the abso gorge pop punk Pete ( c’mon who didn’t have a crush on him? Guyliner n ‘ all)  Their split sent us into a downward spiral in the form of many Avril Lavigne ballads while vowing to never believe in love again. 

Ok we were obsessed with this relaysh. The STYLE game alone from this unbelievably cool couple was absolute goals, slaying every single party & papp shot in sight. While we were devo by the split & shook by the infamous 2016 VS runway moment, sources are reporting the two have been ‘hanging out’ again – we’re admittedly getting our own hopes up for a stunning relationship rekindle!

One of Hollywood’s most iconic couples for sure, I mean remember thaaat MTV Movie Awards KISS?! As if they didn’t melt our hearts into puddles enough on screen in The Notebook, they totally killed us with couple goals IRL too. We’re obvs delighted both of them are happily moved on & loved up now – plus we can always rewatch The Notebook if ever missing those early 2000s times.

2. BRAD & JEN :
We know it’s V UN-WOKE to be #teamjen in 2018 – after all it was Brad who was married and these women are successful , powerful and not just pawns for the world to PITT
( sorry!) against each other. HOWEVER, we will always fondly remember the golden era of Friends-mania,. A time when Brad & Jen were the perf couple who not only slayed the red carpet together, but delivered one of the best Friend’s scenes  :

Ok Ok hear me out. I know this was a life time ago , and he’s since married one of Hollywood’s  biggest babes and killer actress Jessica Biel (  legit #couplegoals)  and she’s literally become Queen of Las Vegas with her residency, but looking @ old pics of Britney & JT still stings. No one could rock a co ord look quite like them , and our early 00’s hear still pines for a reunion. Or at the very least a killer track they both feature on.