Top 5 Bae’s of 2016


Our fave fella’s of 2016, enjoy!


1. Drake

No one can deny that ‘One Dance’ was the hit of the year and Drake’s success has been rising up ever since! He’s cute, talented, funny and if the Hotline Bling video proved anything, he’s also clearly an excellent dancer… Love ya Drizzy!



2. Zayn Malik

Because, obviously. Not only is Zayn a total bae, he took the independent leap into a solo career this year and it more than worked out for him! Not only did he release a hit single ‘Pillow Talk’ in 2016 but his superstar girlfriend, Gigi Hadid starred in the video with him. Talk about a power couple?! We predict even bigger things for this gorge guy in 2017.


3. Kit Harington

I know fellow Game of Thrones fans feel me on this one, and are probably also looking at photos of Jon Snow weekly to fill the void until the next season of GOT begins next year. We don’t know if its his divine accent, the luscious curls or a mixture of everything (defo), but the man is just undeniably DREAMY.


 4. Justin Bieber

Love him or hate him, the man’s a hunk and Purpose was one banger of an album.


5. Jamie Dornan

I mean…. Is an explanation even needed?

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