Fellas are well and good but theres no bond like the one you have with your BFFS!

1. You can communicate with just a single look

No words needed, nods and and glances say all.

2. A guaranteed like on every photo and status


They may be slow to see it on occasion, but a quick message in the Whatsapp group means they’re immediately on to like your latest gorge selfie!

3. Sharing food


You can communicate solely with a look that both of you know means ‘Takeaway?’

4. Sharing clothes

giphy (2)

You nearly always show up at a party wearing an identical outfit, unsure what dress belongs to who at this stage!

5. Screenshot evidence


You can always rely on one of your BFFS to have those gas screenshots at the ready!

6. Brutal honesty


Got something in your teeth or a dodgy wing liner situation? You gals are gonna be v honest out of love and let you know straight away!

7. You can be 100% yourself around them

giphy (3)

Rant away, cry, laugh – it’s a judgement free zone 4EV

8. You can’t imagine life without them

giphy (1)

You may argue the odd time but no matter what you have eachothers backs til the end!


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